About us

We are a group of tattoo enthusiasts who have gathered to share our stories and tattoos. Each of us has a different reason for getting inked, but we all share one common interest: the love of tattoos.

People get tattoos for many different reasons. People get tattoos for different reasons, whether it be to remember a special event or because it is reflective of their personality. Some people simply enjoy the look and feel of tattoos, and choose to get them for no other reason than that. Ultimately, the reason why someone gets a tattoo is up to them.

People read tattoo blogs for various reasons. Some people read them to get ideas for their own tattoos, while others read them to learn about the history and meaning behind different tattoos.

Some people simply enjoy reading about tattoos, and find the blogs to be a fun and informative way to spend their time. Regardless of the reason, there is no doubt that tattoo blogs are a popular destination for people who love tattoos.

Our Team

jenny ng

I’m Jenny. I love body art and self-expression, and I’m a tattoo enthusiast you could even call me a fanatic. I always found tattoo culture and the tales behind each person’s ink to be fascinating as a child. I eventually decided to take the plunge and get my first tattoo after growing to appreciate the creativity and talent that go into making a tattoo.
Since then, I’ve become obsessed with the tattoo scene and have devoted many hours to researching various designs, artists, and methods. I have devoted a lot of time to researching the background and development of traditional American tattooing since I am particularly interested in it.
When I have free time, I like going to tattoo conventions.