Prince Symbol Tattoo Meaning and Symbolism

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Welcome, tattoo lovers and inquisitive minds, to the fascinating world of price symbol tattoos. Are you drawn to meaningful tattoos? Want to learn more about the price sign before getting it tattooed?

Ink fans worldwide love the price sign tattoo for its everlasting appeal and mystery atmosphere. Its many meanings make this tattoo extraordinary. 

You’ve found it! This blog article will  uncover price symbol tattoos’ magical meanings and symbolic significance.

What Does Prince Symbol Symbolize?

The symbol for Prince, often called the “Love Symbol” or the “Artist Formerly Known as Prince Symbol,” marks a necessary time in the artist’s work and has deep meaning. The sign mixes the standard male and female marks by merging them to make a single, unique image.

First, Prince symbolizes dualism, balance, and oneness. It tells the balance and connection of masculine and feminine energy. It represents Prince’s creative vision of embracing all human experiences, shattering boundaries, and challenging standards.

Moreover, The sign also symbolizes Prince’s reinvention and industrial defiance. It expressed independence, creative freedom, and self-expression. Prince chose a symbol rather than a name to defy society and define himself.

Overall, The Prince sign is a potent symbol of love, creativity, and individualism, reminding followers of the Prince’s enormous influence on music and society.

Prince Symbol Tattoo Designs and Ideas

When it comes to Prince symbol tattoo designs, the choices are as different and unique as the symbol itself. Here are some things to think about if you’re thinking about getting a Prince sign tattoo:

Flower embellishments: Add nature and beauty to your Prince symbol tattoo with flower embellishments. Purple orchids symbolize monarchy, and roses love, and lilies rebirth and change. Flowers blend Prince’s emblem with nature.

Simplistic emblem: Celebrate simplicity with a minimalist Prince emblem. This simple design highlights the emblem and honors the creator.

Watercolor Splash: Color your Prince sign tattoo with watercolor. Prince’s ingenuity and passion are reflected in this design.

Musical components: Honor Prince’s musical talent with musical tattoo components. Add musical notes, a guitar, or lyrics from your favorite Prince song to the symbol to commemorate his brilliance and your affinity to his music.

Geometric Fusion: Combine the Prince emblem with geometric forms for a beautiful and trendy tattoo. Create a complex composition with triangles, circles, and other geometric shapes.

What Does A Price Symbol Tattoo Represent?

A “Price Symbol” tattoo’s significance depends on circumstance and interpretation. However, the “Prince Symbol” tattoo, also known as the Love Symbol or Artist, Formerly Known as Prince Symbol, represents:

Artistic Freedom and Ingenuity: The Prince Symbol tattoo honors Prince’s ingenuity. It represents the artist’s desire to break the rules, try new sounds, and defy conventions. This tattoo may appeal to those who want to express their creativity, break free from restraints, and embrace their creative aspirations.

Originality and individuality. It symbolizes the artist’s defiance of social standards and desire to express himself genuinely. Individuals may express their uniqueness and the value of self-acceptance by wearing this emblem.

Love and Transformation: Love and transformation are also related to this tattoo. Prince’s songs generally expressed love, compassion, and personal development. The power of love, self-evolution, and its life-changing effects may inspire people to get this tattoo.

Unity and Balance: The Prince Symbol, a combination of masculine and feminine emblems, symbolizes unity and balance of conflicting energies. In addition It emphasizes the balance and interdependence of masculine and feminine forces inside oneself. People may get this tattoo to show their belief in balance, integration, and togetherness.

Symbolism Of Prince Symbol Tattoos

Love, spirituality, and human development: Prince’s tattoos symbolize love, spiritual development, and change. They may remind one to love, care, and develop.

Defiance and nonconformity: Prince used the sign to protest music business restrictions. His symbol tattoos convey a desire to stand out and defy uniformity.

Individualism and Authenticity: These tattoos celebrate individuality and authentic self-expression. Prince pushed his followers to be honest. The tattoo reminds one to be authentic, pursue one’s interests, and express oneself freely.

Unity and Harmony: The Prince emblem, which blends masculine and feminine symbols, symbolizes conflicting forces coming together. It symbolizes masculine-feminine equilibrium. Prince symbol tattoos may represent the need to balance two sides of oneself.

Expression and creativity: Prince was a visionary who experimented with many musical forms and freely expressed himself. These tattoos may motivate people to be creative and think outside the box.

What Are Some Popular Spots for Prince Symbol Tattoos?


  • Pros: Ankle or foot tattoos are inconspicuous and easy to hide. They enable smaller Prince symbol tattoos or inclusion with other designs. Wrist tattoos heal similarly.
  • Cons: Thinner skin and bone closeness make ankle and foot tattoos more painful. Friction and wear may necessitate touch-ups. Shoes may hide the tattoo.


  • Pros: The tattoos on the wrist are conspicuous and a continual reminder. Small to medium-sized designs may be completed quickly.
  • Cons: Thin wrist skin might make tattooing more painful. The tattoo may be hard to hide. Healing takes 1-2 weeks.

Upper Arm: 

  • Pros: Large tattoos or sleeve designs fit well on the upper arm. It allows creativity in size and location.
  • Cons: The inner upper arm is usually more responsive to pain. Inner bicep tattoos may hurt more. Healing takes 1-2 weeks.


  • Pros: This symbol tattoo may be meaningful on the chest, significantly above the heart. It permits bigger graphics and makes a strong statement. Other parts heal similarly.
  • Cons: The chest, particularly around the sternum or breastbone, is sensitive. Sensitivity affects pain. Consider visibility and pain while healing.


  • Pros: Prince symbol tattoos may be more detailed on the forearm. It may be shown or hidden. The wrist heals similarly.
  • Cons: The inside forearm may be more sensitive than the outside, and pain tolerance varies. Professional settings may not want to see the tattoo.


  • Pros: Prince symbol tattoos may be huge or integrated into larger back pieces on the back. It allows for stunning tattoos.
  • Cons: Tattooing the spine or places around it might be unpleasant, although the back skin is less sensitive. Due to its size and possibility for substantial treatment, healing takes 2-3 weeks.

Interesting Facts about Prince Symbol

In 1991, Prince created the symbol as a logo for his next album and live engagements. Two years later, after earning a lucrative deal with Warner Brothers record company, the symbol momentarily became his name. 

According to Peoplemag, Prince’s 1990–1993 art director Sotera Tschetter, Mitch Monson, and Liz Luce helped create it. According to Tschetter, Prince used the symbol as his moniker to show his distinctiveness and reject any notion of being a sellout. In 1993, this happened.